Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple VS. Microsoft (Steve jobs VS. Bill Gates)

Years ago Apple was hitting with its Macintosh and Lisa Computers they were having all of the market share and people were impressed by what Apple was Doing, Steve Jobs was the man of who was seeing the future (and he was great, really Great),
 At the same time Microsoft was just a small company with no one knows who they are, Microsoft's vision was to be a Software company with nothing to do with the hardware, and they started windows, 2 or 3 years later it started to be the Operating system that every one is using, Steve jobs left apple, and he was saying that Microsoft is a Company with no taste, he was not getting it by that time, few years later Bill gates was the richest man alive and Steve jobs returned back to Apple, and the new hit by apple started after that by giving the beautiful taste to it's products the mac book, and after that the iphone, then the iPad and again Apple was hitting and they were having the market share of their new Products, But as always Apple was the owning the hardware and the software.
And as the old days Microsoft is standing away and was trying to be in the market with bad Products like the windows mobile, so it is the same no one knows Microsoft in the field of Tablets and Phones.
a little change we are having now that it is a Marketing game now and what is making Apple hitting this way is that Steve jobs is a brilliant marketeer, so it is not a geeks thing any more.
Bill gates decided to leave the lead of Microsoft to the first non technical guy worked for Microsoft and it is Steve Ballmer, so it is a fair game now a Marketeer VS. Marketeer, Ballmer first did a great thing which was a confession that Microsoft had some bad products that did not satisfy Microsoft's customers, then again Microsoft launched something called Windows Phone 7 an Operating System for Smart Phones, so it is again the Windows game.
at the same time "Again" Steve jobs decided to leave Apple which will make this time an easy game to Microsoft cause it is a Marketeer VS Marketeer but this time it is Tim Cook who is not a skilled Marketeer as Jobs with all my respect.
Microsoft now is having a Generic Operating system for phones that can be used by any Phone meeting it's hardware requirements, Also Windows 8 is entering the Game of Tablets by Windows 8 the same thing a generic Operating System for Tablets with hardware requirements.

so why am i saying this story and wasting your time with things you might be knowing ??
cause when i knew this story I've Reached a conclusion that i love to share it with you, and it is totally from my point of view not Microsoft's not Apple's not anybody's it is all Mine Mohanad's Point of view

First :
Both Steve and Bill are great men, artists, successful, with all the meaning of these words they had their dream clear and they both reached their Dream and they are happy now i guess, and anyone who wish to be a great Entrepreneur must read, search and study their biography.

Second :
Both Bill and Steve pushed the replay button of the history, so i think Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 will be very successful (i wish personally cause i'm a Microsoft Fan, but i respect Apple).

i love theses men business model i don't think that successful industries or codes, or anything must be revealed to public, i personally don't believe in the Open Source and what i see is that their is some versions of the Open Source Software reached a level of success, immediately converted to non free closed source Software, so Open Source to me is for the prevalence only.

Forth :
it is not a war, for the user, only choose what fits you, if you choose Apple's Products no one from Microsoft will try to kill you and vise versa, they booth know that they will never get all the world as customers to their products.

Fifth :
Microsoft do have it's way in the industry, Apple do have it's way in the industry, also Google have it's way, never ask Google to reveal it's Search engine code, Microsoft to reveal it's Products code, Apple to reveal its way of manufacturing or it's code too, it is not fair plus, why don't we just respect them and search deeper who they are successful, i (Mohanad) Loves Microsoft very much, cause it fits me, that dose not mean that the others are punch of stupids how don't know nothing and they are going to fail the next step they have, think about it, they are the biggest companies on earth, so they really know what are they doing, so focus in one of two things even to learn from them how to be successful or create something new and better (Like Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey)

Sixth :
Microsoft Products are great, Apple Products are Great, Google Products are great, each one of them have it's own taste, and audience know the three of them don't close your mind and mentality on one thing.

Finally : i'll keep blogging about Microsoft's Products, cause i love them and i love this Company and i'll do my best to keep this Company on top of the world :), at the same time i respect Apple and Google they both of them are giving a taste to the market it will never be cool when it is only one company having everything :D.

If you like it share it with you friends, Sharing is sexy always remember :D

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